Case Studies

R&D Tax Services has successfully prepared over 700 refund claims in every field of industry. Here are some select examples of companies that have benefited from our services:

Case Studeies -Software.png

R&D Tax Services approached a large publicly traded company, which had never filed for SR&ED tax credits and reviewed the ongoing development of their software. The company was unsure if their development work qualified for SR&ED refunds and was too busy to have their staff spend time on a project with an uncertain outcome. R&D Tax Services has now successfully filed for close to $2,000,000 in tax credits for the company.

Case Studies -Manufacturing.png

A manufacturing company filed a SR&ED refund claim on their own and after a series of lengthy and frustrating audits had their SR&ED refund claim reduced to less than 10% of the original amount filed by the company. By leveraging our wealth of experience, R&D Tax Services filed a subsequent SR&ED refund claim for the company and had 100% of the SR&ED refund claim approved and refunded in less than 2 months.

Case Studeies_engineering.png

R&D Tax Services approached an engineering firm and reviewed the development projects that they were involved in with their clients. The engineering firm thought that their work did not qualify for SR&ED refunds because they were paid by their client. R&D Tax Services was able to obtain multiple SR&ED refunds for the engineering firm. Since then this engineering firm has referred several of their clients to R&D Tax Services for their SR&ED refund claims.


An accounting firm was unsure about the technical eligibility of one of their electronics industry clients and called R&D Tax Services to determine if their client’s work qualified for SR&ED refunds. R&D Tax Services reviewed the company’s activities, filed a SR&ED refund claim, and successfully recovered a refund of $85,000 for one year. R&D Tax Services is now working with the accounting firm on the preparation of a second SR&ED refund claim for the client.